From the Old Photo Box

Ack, not Ulysses! Daddy, can we pls read The Bobbsey Twins like normal ppl??

Sylvia’s mother and Grandma Louise in geometric-print dresses not letting me go play. HALP!!

Grandma Louise and Grandpa Jack. Enough bonding… time for CAKE!!

Some boy named David. Note how he’s looking away for a better deal. You just know he’s on a dating site right now being a total DBAG!!

6 responses to “From the Old Photo Box

  1. Nice. I especially like the one with you and the two women. It would be an interesting subject for a painting. Les Dames en Robes Géométriques.


  2. OMG, is that really Sylvia’s Mother?


  3. Love, love, love your comments.


  4. “Sylvia’s mother”. Thanks for the earworm!


  5. The contrasts with the previous post’s picture really show how it was in the mid 1960s and across the social spectrum that our society’s sartorial standards went all to hell. At least here he’s wearing a tie.


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