On the Lighter Side

From my editor…

In addition, I’ve tried to make Steve’s thoughts/conversation more guy like (one syllable, simple straightforward).


9 responses to “On the Lighter Side

  1. As opposed to us literary type guys who lean more toward the loquacious. I see.


  2. Watch those multi-syllabylliliac words there, Roy. I got my RED PEN out today!


  3. Wait, your editor wants a stereotype?


  4. Keera: she didn’t really change that much after all … and didn’t make all his dialog one-syllable either, lol. But I did have a lot of flabbery, plus a bunch of throwaway words generally (“that,” “just”). Good to know for my current WIPs as well!


  5. Good editors make things better.


  6. Huh? Wut?


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