Does This Coffin Make My Butt Look Fat?

Salon says Chick Lit is dead… so maybe there’s a god or two after all.

In case there are any confuzzled folks (aka “men”), chick lit is not, I repeat NOT, romance.

There will be a romance (and perhaps more than one) for the heroine in a chick lit novel, but it is not a romance novel. In general, a chick lit novel is written first person whiny, while a romance novel is in third, and almost always includes the hero’s POV, and often other characters’, too.

I detest chick lit. The heroine is always complaining about herself, her mom, her period, her sister, some jerky guy who screwed her over, etc. It’s like a comedy routine without the funny. (Actually don’t get me started about female comics, because you won’t like me anymore.) And to set the record straight: I hate SATC and SJP. There, I said it!

[Happy it encouraged more cupcake appreciation, of course.]

Romance novels, otoh, are fluffy escapism. The writer likes her protag and gives her charming flaws, not unbearable, obnoxious ones. The hero gets a few sexy flaws of his own as well. It’s fun, not torture. If there are moms, they’re fun, too. There’s nothing screechily off-putting about the average decent romance novel.

Maybe you dislike them because they’re boring and formulaic; that’s OK. But they aren’t annoying like chick lit is. Honestly the couple times I watched SJP on SATC I wanted to slap her she was so irritating, and the few chick lit novels I read made me feel the same.

So, no tears from me at the chick lit funeral.

Now, if only someone would kill off those hideous first person vampire romances, we’d be all set.

4 responses to “Does This Coffin Make My Butt Look Fat?

  1. My daughter and I both find SJP annoying, too.


  2. I never liked SATC, but there is some chick lit I enjoy. I think it’s like anything else – it can be fun in the hands of a good writer, or annoying in the hands of a bad one.

    Bridget Jones, which as far as I recall started the whole chick lit thing, was awesome. Only the first one though.


  3. At first, I liked SATC. I certainly adored Amanda, but the SJP character was the biggest whiner on TV. Her clothes were quirky/trashy/expensive/weird, and she looked like a mess. The other women were also annoying, and I could never fathom hanging out with them. Never read a chick lit novel! I tried to at work, on breaks, but never could get into it. What was it? The first Shopaholic book. Death to chick lit! More power to bodice rippers and Game of Thrones.


  4. Oh.

    You didn’t mean SatCon Technology Corporation, a (now) penny stock listed on NASDAQ, did you?

    Never mind.


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