Strategicon/ORCCON 2012

K, people. You can’t say I never do anything exciting. Saturday a Scrabble fiend and I drove to this game conference thingie at the Sheraton Gateway by LAX. Met up with another local Scrabble fiend who was actually hosting the Scrabble tournament portion… also met a new awesome Scrabble player (who took First Prize). I didn’t win nuffin in the tourney, though I did faboo at the games that didn’t count.

There were snacks, natch.









And there was WWUTCI (what we used to call irony), as follows. I made “linnet” on the board there:







My fiend glanced at me suspiciously. Whazzat, she asked. Not sure, I said, but it’s a word. Something out of a romance novel, maybe a grain. The other two players nodded vaguely. Sounds like a romance novel word, they concurred. No one challenged. Play continued. My fiend looked up “linnet” in the Scrabble dico — not there!

“She BS’d us!”

I didn’t mean to, I swear! I would have passed a lie detector test because I actually believed it was a real word. I took a pic of the board though cuz I thought it was funny. When I got home I did two things. First, I looked up “linnet” online and turns out it’s a little bird. (But if it’s not in the Scrabble dico we had agreed to use during the tourney, I still would have failed a challenge.) Second, I showed my friend the board photo for laffs. He noticed that before I played “linnet,” “yipee” was misspelt and no one caught it.

I still wonder what the heck I was thinking … a grain? Now I remember that Linnet was the heroine of a romance novel I liked a whole bunch way back when. Maybe I confused her with some oatmeal. Sheesh.

[Also, just fyi in tourney Scrabble, “zen” is not a word. I found out the hard way.]

OK. So after the regular board Scrabble, and a break for pizza, there was Game Show Scrabble — apparently from a short-lived TV show? Well, I had never heard of it, but sounded fun, so we decided to play. [Btw, there were millions of other games going on, none of which I’d heard of, but we were focused on Scrabble.] My fiend and I asked to play a practice game because we’d never even seen the TV show, and they said OK, but they lied and began videotaping because it was already 3:00. We did pretty well so we didn’t mind. I beat my fiend and got to the Speed Round (or wotever it was), where I didn’t do great. But I got a Third Prize ribbon at the end of the whole thing, woohoo! Somewhere, on the internoodle, for all eternity, there will be a video of me playing this game, haha.







Alrighty then. Don’t expect thrilling poasts like this from me every week now.


7 responses to “Strategicon/ORCCON 2012

  1. Oh, why the heck not? You got a ribbon! Yay! That’s like a bronze medal.Eat that, people. My friend got a bronze medal. (Oh, yours did to?)
    Glad you had fun.


  2. Those dics piss me off. WWF accepts ‘qua’ but doesn’t accept ‘quo’. WTF?


  3. “Zen” is not a word? Oh that is too tooo zen.


  4. All I can say is, yipee . . .

    Well, and, hey, Asha, once you define Zen then you are at once wrong. It’s like saying “infinity plus one.”

    Or not.


  5. I stink at Scrabble. But I like Cheez-Its.


  6. But but what about the multi-universes? Can’t they be infinity plus …. well…. infinities? I mean. Why not?. Makes things interesting.


  7. Whadya mean zen’s not a word? I used it just today! (Some co-worker staring straight at the coffee machine, but completely relaxed. Looked like open-eyed meditation, not waiting for a caffeine fix.)

    Anyway, congrats on the third prize, Paula! Yipee!!!


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