Valentine’s Pome


i brought you poisoned candy, ha!
but you spit them out, one by one–
crushed chocolate on our Persian rug.
next year? i’m thinking, i’m thinking…

mine is wrapped so neatly:
ribbons curled like big fat tongues;
i rip them out, one by one.
just what i’ve always wanted:

a solid gold tarantula.
i toss it out the window, BOOM:
you almost got me that time, dear.
try your luck again next year.

at least i still have the foil balloons.
i love you, i love you, i do.

[me, 1989, published in CSUN thing]


6 responses to “Valentine’s Pome

  1. I love this!

    (But, again, don’t use this on your profile.)


  2. This is great, Paula. Seriously. I really find much modern “poetry” to be a giant pain in the ass, but this is fantastic. It crackles.


  3. Thanks, everyone!


  4. Waah. David Rochester’s blog is still marked private. Or is it so just for me?

    I like this pome too, which I usually don’t (like pomes), and also like that by the time you wrote it you’d been married a little bit. 😉


  5. The mylar, or “foil,” balloons are truly superior. It is a scientific fact that, unlike traditional latex varieties which lose their loft via helium diffusion, the mylars simply grow weary of their caste and give up.


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