Severely Romantic Pre-Valentine’s Pome

La Pelona as Birdwoman [excerpt]
by Rigoberto González

I dared to crawl
beneath the sheets

to be nailed down
around me,
waiting for my lover, she

who enters
without knocking, she
who will unstitch

my every seam
along my thigh,
my side, my armpit.

She who carves
a heart out of the heart
and drops it

down her throat.
Sweet surrender this
slow death in sleep

as I dream
the love-making
is autopsy. How else

will I be hers
completely? Be her
treasure box I said:

a trove of pearls
and stones, the ding
of coins cascading

through her fingers.
The bird over her shoulder
not a parrot, but an owl

to be my mirror
when I close my eyes
and shape a moon-white

bowl out of my face
where she can wash
the hooks of her caress.


7 responses to “Severely Romantic Pre-Valentine’s Pome

  1. So, if a guy uses that on his eHarmony profile, steer clear. Just sayin’.


  2. Probably the guy who’d post this poem on eHarmony would be the most interesting of the bunch. At least there is no lack of passion.


  3. In fact, this would go right in the box where it says, “passions:”


  4. Eharmony can suck it! I’ve just met the greatest guy elsewhere. 🙂 🙂


  5. Severe bout covers it.


  6. Yay for greatest guy!!!


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