I went to the lunch café today and ordered a baked potato. Someone said, “Hi Paula” to someone else.

Paulas are relatively rare, so I (discreetly) checked out this woman. She was around my age, brown hair, pale skin, minimal makeup … but dressed really nicely. (I was dressed all in brown frumpydump today because I felt sick and cold.) She wore a super-cute outfit: black skirt with sweet sweater with big hot pink flowers, everything all matching. ADORABLE SHOES!! Her phone, omg, had a pink cover thingie.

I would totally wear the OP’s outfit, plus have pink phone cover.



7 responses to “Observation

  1. I’m sure the OP was adorable but you, even in brown frumpydumpy brown, are the BP..


  2. I have a purple phone cover.


  3. But, you are the One Paula.


  4. How cool to be inspired by your sister-in-name (which is what we call it in Norwegian (no, not for the men who share names (they’re called brother-in-names))). Anyway, cool!


  5. Thanks, everyone!

    I saw her again today. She wore a cute black skirt and cardigan, with some gold doodad crest thingie on one side of the chest… I might possibly wear this. White shirt underneath. High-heeled black sandals that looked very uncomfy. Pedicure … didn’t notice this yesterday. I don’t do the mani/pedi thing. Plus I always wear hosiery to work. She looked really nice, very classy and professional, except for the lack of hosiery, but that’s normal for California.

    She haz a wedding ring.


  6. Wedding ring doesn’t mean she’s unavailable to YOU. Ask gekko about unicorns. 😀

    Tacking to port … When you say, “I might possibly wear this,” my first thought is that the culprits are often found when they wear their victims’ clothing. Just sayin’.


  7. My daughter loves her some mani/pedi stuff. She may grow up to be a beautician, if not a CEO, or possibly a professional soccer player, which would be a pity because soccer players have awful looking feet.


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