I’ve received this message in my spam folder a couple times now:

Hrm, Not the best post unfortunately. Sorry to be so blunt! You should try some Norwegian carrot cake (gulrotkake ) to cheer you up instead.

Being cake-curious, I Googled up gulrotkake, but all the text was in some kind of foreign language. Huh. Why can’t people speak English? Well, anyway…

I went to images … oh wow! Look at these cake porn pics!! Om nom nom!!!

Well, I am cheered up. I also want some carrot cake, Norwegian or otherwise. What would be so special about Norwegian CC? Here’s a recipe for Keera or someone to helpfully translate. 🙂


10 responses to “Gulrotkake

  1. Carrot cake is not my most favorite, but, you know. It’s still cake.


  2. Carrot cake is good to me. However, a bowl of the cream cheese frosting would suffice.


  3. re the cake porn pics, I had to turn “safe search” OFF before I could see anything.


  4. I thought at first it was going to be a play on a vaguely similar-sounding Japanese word (no, you don’t want to know) and I was going to be seeing pretty girls covered in cake and frosting from the tips of their pert little noses to their ears. So, kinda disappointed, but now I’m hungry. So in the end, it all worked out.


  5. Huh, what? Translate a recipe? I don’t even understand what it says in Norwegian! All I can say is that carrot cake is one of my faves and it is prounced GOOL-rote-kaw-keh (sort or) in Norwegian. I depend on others to provide it for me.


  6. I don’t know about the Norwegian version, but the Swiss Germans I know make it with almond flour instead of flour flour, so it’s this divine sort of marzipany-carrotty thing.


  7. (And a cool recipe, mostly on account of the frosting made with goat cheese:


  8. Anything marzipan sounds delicious! And if there’s any cuter word than snofrisk idk what.


  9. Never thought of “snøfrisk” as cute, but it is, rather. 🙂 Translates literally to “snow fresh” and is a cream cheese based on goat’s milk. It rather lives up to its name (as compared to, say, Philadelphia cream cheese).

    I can send you a marzipan pig, if you want. A Christmas tradition in Norway, it is.


  10. The word “gulrotkake” sounds like a sweet that will ruin your stomach lining.

    “snofrisk” sounds like a kitten.


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