13 Evil Kitteh

1. He attacks my bras.
2. He scoops his kitteh chow out of bowl and scatters it across floor.
3. He pulled over a plant, spilling the dirt.
4. He dug the fake moss out of my fake tree.
5. He swats phones off the table.
6. He knocked a lamp over onto my bed… while I was in it.
7. He batted cookies off a plate onto the floor.
8. He claws at people’s long hair when they cuddle him.
9. He thinks coasters and remotes are cat toys.
10. He scratches the sofa.
11. He walks on my head.
12. He messes up the potpourri.
13. He tries to climb in the toilet when someone’s sitting on it.
Exhibit “A”
Exhibit “B”

Exhibit “C”

8 responses to “13 Evil Kitteh

  1. Much of this made me lol, especially the toilet one, but obviously not the cookie tragedy. Amusing as most of it may be when happening to someone else, though, this right here is why I’m for dogs.


    • I had to keep my dogs inside one torrential stormy morning. They were 80 lb “puppies”, less than a year old. Was gone for only two hours.
      It’s amazing how much stuffing a sofa holds, and it’s kinda cool how a living room can look all snow covered.


  2. Evil Kitteh has quite an impressive resume. Obviously his very lively intelligence and imagination have both depth and breadth. Willie Nelson, Thea Bella’s evil kitteh, has neither but we all know that cats do quite well with whatever they’ve got. She tortures both man and beast alike and witless grandmas who, in spite of repeated experience to the contrary, believe in the taming power of their love.


  3. EK looks balefully right at the camera. I wouldn’t leave it lying around on countertops. She also invites you to choose between watching what she wants to watch or taking a quick trip to the clinic.


  4. EK. He’s bad ass!


  5. Thus with thirteen commissions he is the Perfection of Kitteh!!!!


  6. This is priceless. All proper cats should be bats out of hell.


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