The Grey Gatsby







Sharon picked up Gatsby yesterday from the shelter. He is the sweetest kitty! (Not to take anything away from my previous kitties — I loved them all very much.) He cuddles with everyone and wants to be around people all the time … hopefully he’ll be OK when Sharon goes back to college and he’s alone in the apt when I’m at work all day.

Aren’t his eyes interesting? They’re sort of a hazel, not really gold or green. I wonder if they’ll change like a human baby’s.

He has a little cold and they gave us meds.

So happy to have a cat again. 🙂


14 responses to “The Grey Gatsby

  1. Right on. (Feral) George Harrison must also be in touch contact. Sitting on the floor, sitting on you in your sleep. Some part of his furriness must be on you. Kinda cool.


  2. Oh, what a pretty kitty! I hope he keeps that hazel color. It’s lovely! 🙂 Congrats. I hope you two are very happy together!


    • Keera! I think the 13th or 14th (15th?) rider of the apocalypse has just now coalesced before my eyes. Hollywood or bust, my love. Actually, it’s a foregone conclusion unless I have a stroke or die or something. Anyone who doesn’t want to pony up may trundle off–they’ll miss alotta fun tho.
      The cat is soo cute. I once had no time for them. Having one has opened up my hazel, not really gold or green eyes to a superior opinion.


  3. Looks like a good kitty. Tigger and Porchy say, hey!


    • He’s real cute, for sure.
      I ran out of food for my cat, Possum, last night. She was very angry with me this morning, stabbing me in the thighs with her claws extended, as I sat at the computer as if to say, ” Hurry up. Get off your arse and get me some food.”
      The preacher arrived just a little while ago and grudgingly gave me the cat food. She don’t hold to the notion of animals having souls. She’s wrong.


  4. I’m no longer an animals-person (AH-CHOO) but seeing your new baby is making me very, very happy. Keep posting about him, too. (NEVER thought I’d say I want to hear more about someone’s cat!!!!)


  5. He is beautificious. What became of Cocoa and Tiki (if you don’t mind me asking)?


  6. Thanks, everyone! Gatsby gets cuter by the second.

    Tim, Sharon and I had Cocoa put to sleep last October … her arthritis got so bad she could hardly stand and walk to her food bowl. It was so sad. Tiki is with my ex. She goes completely nuts if she can’t wander outside at will, and she’ll tear up the house, poop on the beds, etc. I can’t deal with an outside cat here and he has a patio with a grassy area, so that worked out.


  7. He looks like an absolute sweetie. Spike and Isabeau and Isis and I wish you both the best!


  8. By the way, 10 points for NOT naming him Smokey, or, worse, ‘Moky! He does have an interesting kind of Batman thing going on with his coloration there.


  9. Ofergadsake, now I’m gonna have to post about Penny M, even though she isn’t my cat, but has taken over the plot of land I used to live on.


  10. I left a comment, a little while ago, at the blog of Sandra Thibodeau, Australia’s poet laureate. She discharged her official poetical duties with poise and excellence.
    Asha would approve, I do not doubt.


  11. Good man, Bob. I rather like the comment you left in July, though, wishing her luck on her Sarah Palin poem, which she confessed to having put in the “too-hard” box.

    Sigh. Where are the great conservative poets!?


  12. He is beautiful! And I am not even into cats! I also love his name. Adorable. Congrats on the new family member.

    I’m just catching up after some time away.


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