Nevermind The Darlings!

I’m having a hard time killing off my casual acquaintances.

So I’ve begun editing two WIPs, neither of which are this year’s Nano project, but both of which are much further along toward an ending, or so it seems at this point anyway.

First WIP was intended to be a 100K contemporary romance novel, way back when I had the insane idea there was a possibility I could see a book of mine in actual physical print. Oh, the LOL. Right now the thing is at 61K and the plot is pile of hissing snakes. However! Now that I’m only writing for e-pub, the entire novel should be around 55K total, so I can pull half the snakes out and ~then a miracle occurs~ the rest of the snakes will then magically morph into a perfectly plotted wonderful romance novel.

But which snakes? Right. It’s not like they’re all so great. Not saying that. But they’re pretty freaking tangled up. Saying this.

Other WIP is finished and the right wordcount. It just kind of, well, sucks. I’ve had some feedback that the male protag isn’t developed enough as a character. Men have characters? What? Isn’t it enough that he has…

OK. ~eyeroll~ Gonna go program some feelings and an arc or whatever for this dude.

Wish me luck! 🙂


12 responses to “Nevermind The Darlings!

  1. Mens is got all kinds a shit going on inside. It’s just kind of incomprehensible. So wutcha do is write a little side essay detailing his relationship with his mother and the ripple effects of same as he ran into random wimmins going forthward. Now he can react to stuff and appear to have that illusory character thing.


  2. Male protag character. Hmm. You start with nice but boring or bad but exciting. Then you make the nice but boring get exciting and the bad but exciting stay exciting. Now THERE’S a conflict for the heroine!

    Male character is really about action — the stuff they do and whether they are able to refrain from following impulses — and whether they are basically honorable or wickedly skillful justifiers.

    I just made that up but it sounds pretty plausible if you ask me.

    Good luck. And why wouldn’t something you write get published? You are fresh and witty and quirky. Don’t edit that part of you out!!!

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  3. Good luck with that. A hissing pile of snakes about says it all. Whatever you decide about the male characters, don’t give up on the idea of getting it published. Why not you? Blogs are basically a toss-off but yours has style, wit and substance. Seems to me your sustained work would be even better.


  4. Thx Don!

    Peeps, I still plan to get published, but online … less hassle, no agent, etc. I want to focus on writing, not marketing. But if the online takes off, I suppose I could be persuaded to sign a print contract if the price were right… 🙂

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  5. Thx for the compliments, Chris.tine and Asha. BIG HUGS!


  6. Just give him a childhood trauma and a kooky uncle.


  7. Yes, publish to the net. Why not? I’ll greedily download it, to be sure. And spam it everywhere if you want.
    My novel, still in the planning stages, has two working titles: The Last Days of Johnny Crew…or…The Revenge of Pretty Paws …(a cat, natch.)
    Perhaps we’ll bump into each other at a writing festival and I know I can trust you to stay mum about my time as a florid crypto*edo**ile. 🙂


  8. You can do this, dearest! You’re funny, and smart, and witty, and snarky, and oh my, you have such a way with words. I know you can get rid of the loser snakes and charm the rest of them into a delightful story. So go! Don’t let anyone or anything stop you!

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