People. I wrote a 58K novel since early September whatever.

OK, it started as a 4600 word short story, so technically I wrote, uh, less than that. But not that much less because, you know, short story –> novel. Thing. I am so dead here. Can’t think in sentences anymore.

Now. I do not mean I barfed out a bunch of garbage (no offense to barfers) (or garbage). I mean it’s good. For a romance novel. I just went and cut 1000 words to get the 58K. Thinking I might cut 2000 more before I send it, or not. Maybe I should leave it alone. The only parts I feel are cuttable are the non-protag parts, which I like for comic relief. So the editor can suggest cuts if she wants, right?

K. I’ll reread in a couple days for stupids, etc. before sending.

Onto NaNo. No clue really. Do not have time to plan like a maniac, but I have a week of thinkies, which should be good enough.


12 responses to “OMG!

  1. No offense to maniacs, too, I’m sure.


  2. HOLY HOLY HOLY WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I’m doing nano this year, too.)


  3. Fucking awesome!!!


  4. great job. congratulations!


  5. YAY YOU!!!! Congratulations on finishing it!! Be sure to update us on the praise your editor showers you with. “Your editor.” Fun, no?


  6. Congratulations! Yes do keep us current on this!


  7. you so rock


  8. Exxxxxcellllent!!!!


  9. Here I am, finally, after losing my bookmarks. This is great news, Paula. I’m all excited for you!


  10. Whoohoo! And KWN (keep writing now).


  11. Bloody tremendous news! Congratulations, P!!! 🙂


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