Lizard Dream

So I was driving around/through a congested area and decided I would get out, go beyond the town, even though that meant I wouldn’t be doing what I needed to do, didn’t care, I took off. The paved road ended and I was driving over sand, bumps, potholes, very fast, couldn’t be good for my car. The “road” was narrow and I saw a truck coming the other way, so I pulled over into the non-road area, cut the engine, decided to walk for a while with my blanket wrapped around me. Note: it wasn’t my green slanket, but my white regular blanket. Last night before going to bed, I spilled tea all over my slanket and left it on the floor to be washed today.

After I walked for a bit, I turned around and saw that the truck had stopped and people were looking at my car, so I went back. A little boy was putting stickers on my car. What are you doing, I asked? Oh, it was just Star Trek stuff. That was OK in my dream. On the rear window he had put a big poster (same one people have been sharing on Facebook last 24 hours.)

Then a man said, don’t step back. What? I looked down. A giant pink and yellow snake was crawling right next to my left foot. Then it bit me on the ankle, tangled itself around my leg. I shook it off. It wasn’t a snake, but a lizard. It started to crawl away, then returned, kept trying to bite me. I ran to my car, but it jumped in first. Then the man said, Dan, get out of there. I didn’t know if he meant the boy or the lizard, but the lizard seemed to listen and got right out.

I woke up crying because it was all so scary. Big pink and yellow lizard!!

Last night I had a date at a cool place, listened to music, had good conversation, etc. Turns out I can drink one glass of chardonnay without getting beastly sick, which is nice to know. But on the way back, I got really confused, as I do, on how to get to the freeway. First, everything here is “under construction” all the time, which is strange since supposedly California is completely broke. Where is all this construction money coming from? Second, they put up a bunch of detour signs and  barricades that make no sense, especially in the dark, and I always have trouble with that kind of stuff. But as it turns out I think I did this right, not sure. Anyway, I followed the detour signs, which made me go down a long, dark, bumpy road for quite a while until I hit the next freeway entrance. So maybe that inspired the dream.

In any case, life continues to be more interesting and less stressful than it was previously. No regrets.


14 responses to “Lizard Dream

  1. I’d be scared of pink and yellow thing too!

    Construction money comes from the state’s Visa card, dur. Where everybody gets money.

    I always try to maintain the outlook that whatever happens to be going on is an adventure or a challenge for me to work through. That keeps me from getting stressed out. Of course when my hormones are wonking out, all bets are off and I reserve the right to be all kinds of stressy and irrational.


  2. You sure had me scared–driving through a construction zone alone after a glass of wine on a long dark bumpy road. Which one was the nightmare?


  3. It took me a reread to decide you had the experience with the bumpy road first, and then the dream. That means the pink and yellow lizard was that glass of chardonnay? My dreams are usually too dumb to have any meaning whatsoever.


  4. Scary. Both dream and “reality”. I had a night of heavy dreaming too but can’t remember any of it. Also I woke up every hour until 5 am then slept till 8. Anyway, I’ve gotten confused driving too. That is creepy wherever I happen to be. Take care.


  5. I kept waiting for Gekko to show up in the dream, but if she had it obviously would’ve been as the chardonnay.


  6. When gekko shows up in a dream it absolutely is not a nightmare. But I can see her being represented by a fine glass of chardonnay. Why not.

    Little bitey dream animals have terrified me since the beginning. They’re fast and inescapable and they hurt! Maybe in a past life I got attacked by rats.


  7. Drink fine chardonnay, get a free gekkodream


  8. { scurrying off to BevMo }

    (forgot angle brackets are interpreted hence the blank reply thing)


  9. ampersand ell tee semi-colon (write stuff) ampersand gee tee semi-colon.


  10. Construction money comes from the feds. Smarter local governments had their projects lined up for the stimulus bill a few years ago, and are now working those projects. Dumb local governments (Like Seattle) can never find money to maintain their streets, prolly cause they’re so busy trying to keep the state from improving the highways that run through it.

    I met an aspiring trophy wife at a party the other day. She was about as scary as the pink and yellow lizard.


  11. Was your date’s name Dan ?


  12. < gekkos think they know everything >


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