Random Hero Moment

So I was at the gym last night. How it works is I have to watch on the TV in front of me whatever the gym people select, which unfortunately is almost always Fox News or sports. (Of course I have music on my iPod, too.) However! Last night was the World Series of Poker. I like this. It’s mathy.

There was a woman playing, which was cool. Turned out she was the girlfriend of one of the male players. He lost and had to leave the table. Got up, shook all the guys’ hands. Then he hugged his GF, told her he loved her in front of the world, and she should play aggressively to win. Then he told a reporter he’d be cheering her on all the way … remember he had just been playing against her, and lost.

That struck me as kinda heroic, in the non-dragon-slaying way we were talking about in my last poast. First, the classy way he walked away from the money. Second, how he told his GF he loved her in front of the world. Third, that he immediately switched from playing for himself to rooting for her.

Then she lost and had to leave. Oh well!


8 responses to “Random Hero Moment

  1. That honestly warms my frigid heart. Not only are supportive men sexy, but a gracious loser is something I admire so much.


  2. I remember the movie, The Competition, wherein Richard Dreyfus and Amy Irving are competitors in a piano playing competition who become romantically involved. He loses out, and is such a childish dick head about it. I’m not sure what the point of that movie was. Perhaps at the time in feminist history it was as good as he could be expected to do, and the movie was intended to be “thoughtful.” But, I mean, Amy Irving could have played piano on my head with spoons if she wanted to. Hard. But I digress.

    Whatever it is that makes a person good at poker also makes women kind of sexy, or at the very least, interesting. IMHO. I hope that wasn’t TMI.


  3. Heroic? He just withdrew from a poker game, he wasn’t also going to destroy his chances of getting laid. Geez.


  4. @Don LOL! Stop it. Let us have our romantic notions of why you guys do what you do.


  5. Don’s suffering from testosterone depletion. The first thing you do upon losing is guarantee that you won’t get laid, It’s extra man points if you manage to prevent your buddies from getting laid. And really, if you manage to keep the entire world male population from getting laid as a result of your loss, well that’s the same as a win. A really big win.

    Okay, not really, but just so you guys know: It’s annoying to be supportive after losing. Frankly I’d rather look forward to getting punched in the nuts.


  6. Erik! Where do I sign up?


  7. So strange, Paula, because I find that kind of public display really oogy and uncomfortable-making. I wouldn’t feel it positive in any way. I’d feel bullied and… just icky. It feels like a power move to me, not affection. I wonder why we see it so differently… Very curious…


  8. LOL @ Don and Erik!!

    Serenebabe, idk why we see this so differently. I mean, I don’t like big ooshy public displays of blatant sexuality. That seems like someone’s trying to overcompensate for something that’s lacking privately or make a point/prove something or other — doesn’t seem genuine, basically. But this was just a nice hug and an ILY, plus his encouragement for her to continue to do well at the game.


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