Romance Gets Respect

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There’s a nice interview with Sarah Wendell at USA today. Check it out — I thought it was very well done, especially the part where Sarah points out that it’s not so easy to write a romance novel. Gotta love people’s assumptions, right? YOU TRY IT! Also, you try writing one in 6 weeks, omg…

(Almost finished, yep. Only casualty, the real romance. Whatevs.)

 Romance readers do not expect real men to be carbon copies of romance heroes — we don’t expect anyone to ride in on a horse wielding a sword and solving all our problems. Romance heroes are found in real moments of caring. When my husband makes my coffee for me in the morning and puts a piece of foil over the top so it stays warm for me, that’s a romance hero moment.

This is true. I always have my hero do a caring thing when he’s annoyed with or suspicious of the heroine (to show her and the reader how wonderful he is) — and before they’re actually a couple.


8 responses to “Romance Gets Respect

  1. OMG talk about settling. What a FREAK! Coffee? CARING? As IF I would settle for that. I’ve read romance novels, so I know how it’s supposed to be and I don’t tolerate anything less. Every morning I expect my husband to ride up the stairs on a white steed (dappled gray is NOT acceptable) and serve me bacon from the tip of his sword. And I don’t even mean that last part as a euphemism for anything else!

    I then get up and immediately purge this breakfast, because I’ve seen lots of pictures of supermodels so I know how thin I’m supposed to be.

    After that I get dressed and go kill some people, because, you know, video games.

    (It is nice to see a smart interview on this.)


  2. The Conan I read flexed a lot of muscles and ran about seeking flesh for his ready blade. Life could have been more like that.


  3. Or, oh, I know! Go to work every freaking morning for thirty years and withstand the abuse of an army of assholes and have his soul sucked out so he can afford to pay for a house SHE wanted. The romance heroes have it too easy. Kill a dragon? Once? Pffft. The only story that comes close to accuracy is the one about the guy who’s tied to a big rock and every day a bird comes and pecks out and eats his liver, but it grows back and the bird returns. Every. Single. Day.


  4. Well. That sounded bitter, didn’t it? Trouble is, art, like whining, can be so one-dimensional.


    • Those of us who know you, Roy (even just online), understand your multi-facetiousness. See wut I did there? 🙂

      Hey, some people think I’m just all about eating cupcakes, buying shoes, and acting like a fucking bitch, but really one of these days, I’m gonna show everyone I’m waaaaaay more complicated than that. Yes, I am!


  5. Don’t be fooled. I want to be deep, but I am merely the puddle in the driveway that reflects the sky. You on the other hand, are the sprinkles on the doughnut.


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  7. Just for the record, I’m as shallow as I appear to be.


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