So, my daughter and I were in San Francisco for a day last weekend. For weeks I had a fantasy of recreating the perfect lunch — the lunch I’d had with my parents when I was in San Francisco at age 16. This should be possible, I figured, because we were going to be on the wharf just the same as before, and all I was asking for was a crab snadwich.

We arrived around 10AM and I immediately began scouting around for lunch. I know other things are important, too, such as buying souvenir mugs and such, but, well … lunch! I saw loads of places that advertised crab cake snadwiches, but I wanted a crab snadwich, just plain crab with some coleslaw or whatever on a sourdough roll. That’s it. At first I was sort of relaxed about the whole thing because I was confident I’d find my lunch.

Then it started to rain. I, of course, was dressed properly in a couple sweaters and a jacket, but my daughter was wearing some thin silly stylish SoCal top, so naturally I had to buy her a cute raincoat. ::eyeroll::

We were taking pics and having fun … but after a while I began to get a little bit anxious about my lunch. I started asking some guys behind counters, hey, you have crab sandwiches or just crab cakes. They would say crab cakes. Grrrr.

Then finally one man says, “Oh, I have whatever you want, come in, come in! Yes, definitely crab sandwich, I make for you. Bla de bla bla blah.”

Omg. Do not insult me! That was the worst thing of all. I know how those guys work. Promise you anything just to get you in the door and once you’re all comfy, sitting down with your iced tea, committed to the experience, then it’s, we don’t actually have any crab snadwich, so sorry.

Forget it, I told my daughter. I am over the crab thing! Do not want crab at all. Let’s get pizza or whatever.

We went into this normal restaurant and said, what the heck, let’s just get the crab cake snadwiches … we are in SF after all. They were pretty good, I must admit.

My daughter said, “You know, you probably didn’t even have crab way back then. You’re just not remembering right. I bet you had a lobster sandwich.”

Omg, it was lobster.


6 responses to “Crabby

  1. Oh, I just loved this so much. From the “snadwich” to the ::eyeroll:: to the great story to the punchline to the thinking it would be one thing from the title to finding it was something else which was just like the story itself!



  2. In my 56 years I had not heard of a crab sandwich! 😉


  3. I can enjoy seafood if I’m somewhere that I know it was catched in the last day or so (but not shellfish – mostly just non-fishy tasting fish like grouper). I worked as a server at Red Lobster for a few years and I just hate that raw seafood smell like at FW in SF.


  4. Well someone has egg on their face. Or, you know.


  5. Thanks, Serenebabe!

    LOL, Bob.

    I can understand that, Tim.

    It was a classic mother/daughter moment, Roy. 🙂


  6. Mmmm… lobster roll. Are you sure that was in San Fran? 😉


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