Something possessed me (you-know-who, obv) to check the Sprinkles site Friday and what did I find but limited edition KEY LIME and HAZELNUT cupcakes soon to be gone forever omg!

However, sloth won out over gluttony after work that night and I just drove home as usual. I hate when that happens, but frankly I have to tell you it usually does.

But yesterday I went to visit my dad and sort through his mail, blech, a day early so as to keep today all nice before returning to work, and he was out to lunch (literally). OK, that was a clear sign I should drive on to Sprinkles, right? Since I was a fifteenth of the way there, sort of. (Dealt with my dad afterward.)

KEY LIME. I had this one last night. If anyone remembers my famous cupcake chart from my old blog, this would be right up there with Sprinkles coconut, which was at the tippy-top. Yes, it was that good. There’s  just something so perfectly wonderful about the tang of citrus when combined with the richness of butterfat. I’m sorry to tell you this so late in the game, on the last possible day for you to get one, too, assuming the shop is even open today at all. But seriously you should try, om nom nom!

VANILLA HAZELNUT. This is code for Nutella, people. Do I have to say more? Luckily these are available until September 11th. Incredibly nom, but I wouldn’t say they’re equal to Sprinkles coconut or key lime. They’re up there though. It’s always a treat to  have Sprinkles vanilla cake (never “just” vanilla, but heavenly), and the frosting is exactly as you’d expect, except better.

I was thinking to bring back my cupcake chart to torment y’all with, but I’m just too considerate. Besides when I look at it, I can’t even remember eating some of the things on there (Crumbs?), so perhaps it’s not a great idea anyway. Onward! Chartless!

P.S. I still would not give Sprinkles cupcakes a perfect 10, even though they come closest of any I’ve had. Why? Because of the garnish. It’s too hard and it wrecks the integrity of the last bite of frosting. But even if you don’t eat the center bite last, you’ll have to either crunch on the trademark circle thingie at some point or take it off. I’d make it softer. This should be possible. We put a man on the moon and there’s Scrabble on my phone.


9 responses to “Dos

  1. Key lime cupcakes? Oh dear god. We barely escaped Florida’s key lime pies. We opted for mangoes instead, sans sprinkles, but now I feel the hunger for key lime anything. This is where a giant slab of cold, crisp, juicy watermelon saves the day. Yum.


  2. I’m thinking Key Lime in a cupcake could work well if they focused on the key lime and not so much on the shugah they seem to ladle into those ‘cakes by the truckload. Not so much a Sprinkles fan — too much sugar innem, compared to a now defunct local cupcakery that had the most fab ‘cakes ever.

    But this puts me in mind of signs I was seeing from some fastfood place that was advertising pumpkin pie shakes.

    Ack! Gick! Bleh! Gaaaah!


  3. Mmmm… cupcakes. Surely you weren’t suggesting they were demonically inspired?

    I’m afraid we’ll be in a fight when I tell you this, but in the interest of honesty, I’ve been having a hard time with frosting lately. If there’s too much I’ll even leave some on the plate. That sickly-sweetness just doesn’t work for me so much anymore.


  4. Asha, yep, I’m happy Sprinkles is a bit of a trek both from home and office, and I am now boycotting a closer cupcakery because of how they treated their employees.

    Gekko, I think you’d like the lemon or lime then — counteracts the sweet. Pumpkin shakes? No.

    Teacake, Sprinkles doesn’t pile on the frosting like maniacs, just a nice reasonable layer. Of course some peeps buy an extra shot, LOL. (Not me!)


  5. The lovely but forgetful gekko didn’t mention the extra special Keys delicacy, key lime fudge. It is a double whammy with a rich chocolate fudge on the bottom and a smooth key lime fudge on top.



  6. Darling Dick, fudge is not a cupcake. Thus, evidence of “forgetfulness” is not present.


  7. Some things that initially seem unappealing upon sampling are surprising. No?

    I do not consume shakes. However, when the local custard stand has pumpkin pie shake, well, my knees weaken. My resolve crumbles. They are most sublime.


  8. What can I say about a delicious cupcake that hasn’t been said by my betters? Nothing really. 😉


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