Tiny Paper Boats

“Close your eyes. Let your worries go. Imagine tiny paper boats holding little candles sent off on a dark river, each boat carrying another worry. Watch them float away into the distance. You know they are there as they sail past you, but you are no longer connected to them. You are cleansed, empty of care. They are distant. Listen to your inner voice without worry or sadness. Stifle for a moment your own human noise. Listen to the Divine conversation.” [The Tenth Song by Naomi Ragen]

I love this quote, and this novel. Yes, it swerves into faith, but I choose to gloss over that and focus on the rest of the message. The Divine doesn’t have to be Big Beardy … it can be whatever I want it to be. This candle-in-the-boat really works for me as a relaxation method. It’s very specific and organized.

I read a few of Ragen’s novels years ago and the other week found this one at the library. So glad I picked it up. Now I want to read the rest of them, if available.

12 responses to “Tiny Paper Boats

  1. It’s beautiful.


  2. This send-your-worries-down-a-stream thing seems to come up a lot with little variations. I don’t see how it could work for me. The only reason I worry is because letting the worries go is even worse. However awful it is in other ways, worry=control. Not worrying is irresponsible. It means you’re not prepared. Not worrying on purpose means you’re not even interested in being prepared. If you blithely go through life not worrying, THE UNIVERSE WILL PUNISH YOU.

    I’m not saying it’s not fucked up, I’m just saying.


    • Oh, well … I figure that this will work for 15 minutes, half hour, hour max. Then the candles will go out and/or the boats will fall apart (they’re paper!). Then the worries will float right on back and pop up in our faces again. But we’ll have a little respite there. Sweet!


  3. Perhaps if you think of worry as being unproductive. What you want to do is let go of everything that is unproductive in order to focus on the productive, so that you can maintain that sense of control. I know our thoughts can be irrational, but I’m all about finding ways to trick them into helping us feel more at peace.


    • Trust me, my worries are unproductive, AJ. I don’t sit here going, hmm, how can I rationally prepare to mitigate some less than optimal outcomes bla de bla, make some spreadsheets, etc. I sit here going OH GOD OH GOD what if this horrible thing happens ACK ACK ACK I’ll have no money kids will have to leave school we’ll be living on the street no health insurance OH GOD HALP HALP. Like that.


  4. But what about “Weighty Thoughts?” You can’t put them in tiny paper boats, can you??


  5. teacake, I don’t think worry and planning are really the same thing. Possibly worrying gives you the illusion of control, but real control in this universe? Nah. Very little, if any.


  6. Planning is great. Worrying I don’t really do. I just get angry. Maybe I should put my angers in little tiny paper boats and let them float away… in flames… until I start throwing things at them and then wade out into the stream and shit on them.

    I really have to do something about anger management


  7. Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worries on the door step. . .


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