The Zen of Shredding

Sometimes when I’m upset, nothing beats a repetitive task that (1) is a little bit physical, and (2) makes a moderate amount of noise. So yesterday I shredded paper all day, which was great. Shred shred shred. Just feed the sheets in, not too many, maybe 8 at a time … zaLOOP, keep them going in, left hand, right hand. Soon the red light comes on indicating “basket full.”

Get a big trash bag. Unplug shredder. Pull out basket. Hold trash bag open with one hand … plunge other hand into slightly warm mass of crinkly confetti, scoop into bag, handful by handful. Pull individual paper pieces from blades (my favorite part). Slide basket back into machine. Plug in. Turn on. Tune out.

Drip in a little oil.

Start over again.


7 responses to “The Zen of Shredding

  1. Sorry to hear you were upset. Hope the shredding helped it pass. Scrubbing the kitchen usually works for me. Or sweeping the house and back porch.


  2. Boo to upset. Yay for shredding. I have several hours of shredding scheduled for today, actually. You know you can’t recycle shredded paper? Pisses me off. And that anger can only lead to more shredding.

    Let’s all upset AJ so she comes to my house and cleans my kitchen.


  3. I understand this. Simple mindless labor as therapy. Even Zen masters chop wood, haul water. 🙂

    Hope the shredding helped.


  4. No oil, just tweezers. Else same here.


  5. My shredder goes zaLOOP too! Very therapeutic.


  6. I whistle for my neighbor’s cat, Possum. The greedy double dipping thing comes loping in and I break open a can of the disgusting fish stuff it likes. Uggh. She looks up with eyes of adoration. While my neighbor was in hospital for six weeks, Possum and I bonded. She thinks she’s my cat now, I figure. I don’t want to steal her from my neighbor. He’s old… the cat and the budgie are, as he once said, his family.


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