My daughter and I were noodling on love and relationships, how they mean different things to different people, and how it can be hard to settle on a definition that remains solid over time. During the discussion, I thought of this post at Gekko’s and said, “Some consider a relationship to be a vessel and love fills it up. Well, ideally love would fill it. The vessel might crack and love spills out. Maybe it can be repaired. Or maybe something else fills it up. ”

My daughter said, “You mean a blood vessel, like to the heart?”

I laughed, “No!”

“A ship?”

“No, no. A goblet. A vase. How interesting you came up with the other possibilities.”

Isn’t it though?


12 responses to “Homonymy

  1. I’d go with the vase. When the gentleman caller brings flowers you can set it up so nice. When he chug-a-lugs away with another woman you can take his flowers and wring them fiercely with your hands, then wait for the next eager man.


  2. Well?

    Why not a blood vessel, which can develop tears, or be clogged with cholesterol?
    Or a ship, which can develop leaks, or be filled with strapping young bare-chested sailors singing robust manly sea chanties and pinching wenches bottoms?

    Are those not the very same as an urn filled with wine?


  3. (Thinking of ways to get strapping young bare-chested sailors singing robust manly sea chanties to pinch wench gekko’s bottom …)


  4. I love all of the different versions… Each has its own poetry.


  5. What do ya do with a broken vessel?
    What do ya do with a broken vessel?
    What do ya do with a broken vessel early in the morning?

    Post it on the net in a sea chanty
    Post it on the net in a sea chanty
    Post it on the net in a sea chanty later in the evening


  6. I ride my bicycle through life alone. Jesus wants it that way. When I had a wayward thought and got married in the 90s, I was sitting with my wife in the back room and there was a thunderstorm. Lightening struck the tree directly outside and split it in two, a hideous metaphor for my marriage. I heard you, Lord. Wouldn’t mind the occasional frenzied root, tho.

    OK, me hearties, we set sail. “For the fountain of youth, captain Sparrow?” No, dumbass. For the G-spot. It might be fictitious but it will be fun locating it and it will sure beat my fey wan poetry.


  7. I think relationships are far too transactional to be considered any of those things. They are like conversations, sometimes like exchanges of gifts.


  8. I need to check if my son has that variation of a definition for vessel. I doubt it in his case as well. So, perhaps a big vessel like a steamship, that fills up and sinks. Or perhaps love is so airy that it helps the vessel to float and better navigate the waters.


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