Small Packages








This is a Starbucks mini peanut butter cupcake … and it was yummy! Honestly I had never much been tempted by these bitty things before, but Saturday night I met a couple cool writer chicks for hours of great chat and needed a little sugar energy with my coffee, so I figured hey why not try one? The chocolate cake was packed with flavor, the PB frosting thick and creamy with a rich little chunk of candy for a perfect finish.

This is the first pastry from Starbucks since the Holiday Gingerbread I can praise unreservedly. And at 180 calories per PB cupcake as opposed to 480 in the HG, nicely done!

17 responses to “Small Packages

  1. Oh God, now I’m hungry.


  2. I like their tiramisu cake pops. They don’t taste like tiramisu, but they’re good nevertheless, and just right for someone counting calories, watching sugar intake and pennies, but who occasionally needs a little splurge for the good of the spirit.


  3. Nicely nicely.


  4. I wonder if those would be good if you shoved, like, four of them into your mouth at the same time, and then a bunch of popcorn.


  5. Oh I thought this was all about me. Whenever people say “small package,” I know they are thinking of me.


  6. Erik, you may be small but perhaps you’re big where it counts. 😉

    Small: Due to now being at dial up speed, my former bumptious, garrulous self has been reduced to a mere wisp; even making a comment takes forever. Oh well; at the end of the month it will be back to normal.


  7. You know, Starbucks has been steadily and insidiously improving their baked goods for years now. Remember those awful carboard scones from the late 90’s? Blech. But now I can reliably assume that anything there that looks good, will be good. Call me a Suburban Monster all you like, but if I have to go to Target, there’s nothing better than a piece of pumpkin bread from the in-store Starbucks to ease the pain. Their pumpkin bread is SO GOOD.


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