Sex Still Sells

Duh. But just in case you had any doubts…

Today’s e-book power buyer—someone who buys an e-book at least once a week—is a 44-year-old woman who loves romance and is spending more on buying books now than in the past. She uses a dedicated e-reader like a Kindle instead of reading on her computer. [source]

Apparently Amazon and B&N are arbitrarily censoring erotica. Amazon has been eliminating books because of their titles, according to this article, while B&N has been allegedly hiding certain previews, which cut into book sales. I’m not sure I understand the logic of preventing a child from reading a steamy sample when supposedly s/he could walk into a Barnes & Noble, pick up that same book off the shelf, sit down, and read the entire thing. Or maybe these books aren’t on the shelves? Or perhaps there are B&N employees engaged in quiet carding. “Um, excuse me, but that’s a steamy-looking romance … may I please see your driver’s license?”

In any case, it annoys me that these article writers use romance and erotica interchangeably. They’re different. A romance novel may or may not contain a whole bunch of steamy sex (there’s a huge range, from no sex in the Christian romances to total porn), but either way it is supposed to have some semblance of a plot, however flimsy. The best romances have complex plots and are fun and interesting, though this varies hugely. I haven’t read a lot of erotica, only enough so that I can write some, but from what I see, plots are pretty much nonexistent. The idea is simply to get the characters (quickly) into a situation where they can begin having sex. That’s it. You don’t want to waste time (wordcount) with anything complicated.

But in any case, good news for romance and/or erotica writers, right? This stuff continues to sell, as always. Yay!


4 responses to “Sex Still Sells

  1. ” s/he could walk into a Barnes & Noble, pick up that same book off the shelf, sit down, and read the entire thing. ” And, oh, they do. One of my bits of fun at work used to be catching kids in the erotica/sex section, looking at Sex position books, etc. I’d just hover nearby, and they’d usually leave. Some didn’t care, though, or they’d take the book and move.
    I don’t understand the censorship from online sellers, unless they get a ton of complaints, which is probably the reason.


  2. From what I’ve heard, erotica pays well, too. Go for it!


  3. Sex still sells. But what does it sell? more sex!

    I don’t need sex selling more sex. I’d like it to sell financial responsibility or some other value that’s sorely lacking.

    I’d actually like sex to be free, so that you could give it away for nothing, and you could say “hey have some sex and relax” and that person would say “okay, thank you, that was all I needed, well that And a gallon of milk, but I can go to the store and buy a gallon of milk.”

    Cause when you get right down to it you can’t buy what’s freely given. If it’s freely given, there’s no some of money that will get that for you.

    So ponder that. But no fucking.


  4. What is sex? Where can we buy this new thing? Oh, it’s to do with wobbly bits. The big sated time wasting muncher. Sell the monster, no one over 50 wants it. 😉


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