On Journalism

There are many things I don’t understand and the following is a good example.

Last week it was widely reported that the actor Jeff Conaway had OD’d and was in a coma/near death. As it turns out, he has pneumonia and was put in an induced coma as part of his treatment. Why the rush to report Jeff had OD’d? Who knows. Why not an “alleged” or an “apparent” OD? Idk.

Today it’s widely reported that the songwriter Joseph Brooks has apparently committed suicide, as he was found with his head wrapped in a plastic bag, which was attached to a helium tank. This is not evidence enough yet for journalists to declare a suicide, only an apparent one, because we wouldn’t want to rush to judgment … perhaps Joseph was cleverly murdered, right?

Maybe I just expect too much consistency in life. That could be it. P, not-P, what’s the difference, really. Do you know that Golden Spoon has a cupcake flavor now? Well, they do! 🙂

9 responses to “On Journalism

  1. I have decided that the press, especially the tv press, is only interested in themselves, not the story. Yesterday, CBS was really pushing their “Lance Armstrong’s teammates say he used performance enhancing drugs.” Turns out it was one guy claiming this, and he’s got a book coming out. Go figure. (and I really don’t GAF if elite athletes cheat, especially when they’re all tweaking training so much that they’re almost all robots.) So, yeah, the press is full of inconsistencies in reporting. They use whatever will catch our eye or turn a head, just to get attention, and if they get it wrong: oops, our bad.

    Cupcake flavor? Hope it’s better than most of the cake batter ice cream I’ve had. That’s been disapointingly


    • What I hate is when a “journalist” is quoting some “expert,” such as a scientist, and the info appears unbiased, but then at the end of the article turns out the expert is really hawking a book.

      Cupcake flavor wasn’t bad (I wanted to try it!), but I’ll be going back to my old standby — vanilla w/PB cups. Had the cupcake with choc chips. I asked for a recommendation and the girl said, “The cupcake is really sweet so it’s good with butterscotch syrup.” Huh? How does that make ANY SENSE?


  2. Damn iPhone.
    Disappointingly cloying.


  3. Wasn’t Jeff Conaway on the Celebrity Rehab thing? So I guess any time he has a medical problem from now on everyone will immediately jump the conclusion that it’s drug related. Poor Kenickie.


  4. OMG! Kenickie’s in a coma! It’s like Frenchie opened the car door and whacked him on the head, then Danny offered to be his second in that race… Oh, wait, that was a movie? Srsly, I didn’t hear anything about this at all, though I once saw Jeff Conaway at the Ivy on Robertson during the run of “Celebrity Rehab.” He was a complete f’d-up MESS.

    As for Joe Brooks, let’s all sing…”Youuuuu tied up my wife, you gave me rope…”


  5. Actually, I believe many of Armstrong’s teammates have claimed for some time that he was doping. I know George Hincapie, who was one of Lance’s main lieutenants during all those Tours, also went public with his own “j’accuse!” within the last week or so.

    Personally, I think they’re all starting to sing because the indictments are about to come dowwwwwn.

    Greg Lemond is laughing his ass off somewhere over this, I think.

    But look, we all knew that even before he got sick Lance was a dick; after he started racing again, he was just a dick who once had cancer.


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