Box of Chocolates

My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” [Forrest Gump]

This is true for the typical assortment box. Some of them come with little guides, but they’re not very reliable. Oh, the round ones with a little swirl are peanut butter filled … or possibly cherry if the swirl is counter-clockwise. What? Well, I need to know what I’m gonna get. There’s a huge difference between PB and cherry, for example. I hate squishy fruit inside candy … and I don’t want nuts in there either, especially that weird combo with pink nougat and walnuts. Gross. So out comes the knife and chocolates get cut in half until I find the ones I like.

My daughter, who knows me very well, gave me a box of chocolates for my birthday … but not just any old box. This box was filled with one kind of candy, my favorite See’s milk chocolate bordeaux. No knife necessary! Every piece will be delicious, no surprises … because that’s how I like my candy, and my life.


6 responses to “Box of Chocolates

  1. My favorites are the pink nougats with nuts! I will eat all of those. :^)


  2. My sister used to punch a hole through the chocolate to see what lay beneath and then no one wanted them. Knives involved too much planning and thoughtfulness for others.

    I think I get what you are saing, although most of what’s been good in my life has been unexpected, a surprise, nothing planned or known.

    Every 8th bad candy or so, you get one that’s stellar. The question is whether you’re willing to waste the calories trying to see what you like.


  3. OHHHHHH. Those look delicious! Nice gift. It’s appropriate for the big five oh, cuz you know what you like, and you don’t need anything else. That’s the way to enter this part of life!!


  4. Happy birthday, Taurus. 🙂


  5. Oh, yeah, that’s right: Happy belated birthday, Paula!


  6. I kind of like the adventure of not knowing what some piece of candy might be before you eat it…and if it’s some nasty jelly stuff, oh, well, I can always throw it away.

    Chocolate-covered cherries, the ones that ooze gooshy stuff when you bite them — love those!

    Now I want some Jacques Torres dark chocolate bark with pistachios. (we’re back to nuts)


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