Black & White









This is a delicious chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. While extremely rich/dense, it doesn’t have an excessive amount of frosting, though paradoxically it is even messier to eat in the car than some of its “overfrosted” counterparts. Well, I approve of the cupcake anyway though possibly even this amount of frosting would be too much for some people. 🙂


3 responses to “Black & White

  1. Want!
    That does NOT look like too much frosting, btw, by Nat standards.
    Speaking of cupcakes, I’m baking today. We’ll be celebrating Chris’ 26th birthday as well as Easter tomorrow. (his bday is tues.) I wanna make lemon, but he hates that. Don’t wanna make Choco, but may have to.


  2. This appeals to the minimalist artist in me. If I delay dinner, it will also appeal to the empty stomach in me.


  3. It’s hard to have too much when it comes to cream cheese.


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