The Sadness of Polar Bears

I watched this Animal Planet “I, Predator” show last night on the dynamic between polar bears and ringed seals — fascinating! The bears basically spend all day trying to gobble up seals, who have developed the most ingenious methods to escape being eaten (forex, they don’t wait like helpless blobs on the ice — they dig mazes with escape hatches back to the water), which of course have made the bears evolve into being ever more quiet and patient.

But anyway, what I wanted to tell you about today was the love story. We were following this male bear as he searched for food … and he ended up meeting a female bear instead. Just when things were getting interesting, another male bear appeared and the two guys had to duke it out. Our bear won (they don’t fight that seriously though because they don’t want to get hurt as it would impact their ability to go seal-hunting, which is more important than mating — priorities!) and the romance was on. The bears stayed together a week canoodling and making furry lurve … and then our guy left. He didn’t want to, you could tell this was breaking his heart, but he had to. Why? It was the seal dilemma again. There wouldn’t be enough food for two adult bears in a small area — they would both starve. Just one of those doomed things right from the start. So sad.

Well, I won’t give away any more of this story in case the show comes back around and you want to watch. It is great!!


5 responses to “The Sadness of Polar Bears

  1. Aminal stories always make me cry.


  2. Yeah right, not enough prey in a small area for both of us. “It’s not you, honey, it’s my appetite”. Some guys will do anything to get out of committing.


  3. Wow. That’s like cool and awful (in a good way) at the same time.


  4. I can’t watch nature documentaries because I always end up weeping. Damn Mutual of Omaha and Wild Kingdom!


  5. LOL@Alan.

    I could not watch this. Watching seals get eaten = bad time.


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