RV in Natural Habitat









This is a red velvet cupcake from Morsels Baking Company. It was delicious: delicate cake and rich creamy frosting, a perfect RV.

Oh hi! Welcome to my new blog. Please add me to your blogrolls, thanks. 🙂


7 responses to “RV in Natural Habitat

  1. Yum! (wanted to be first)


  2. looks delish!


  3. You know, I’ve still never had anything red velvet, even though it’s way popular here. I find that unnatural color frightening.


  4. Lurve red velvet, but Sprinkles red velvet isn’t very nommy, you ask me.


  5. Hi. I like the your new blog–the wisdom, and the cupcake. The red does look a little unnatural, but still makes me want to eat it.


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