NAH-NO Day 25: Airport

Didn’t finish, but am at 47,581, so I think I can get to 50K by next Sunday even if I miss a few days on vacation.

Happy Turkeying!


NAH-NO Day 21: Hike

I’m almost at 37K words. Want to finish on Tuesday before I leave for NorCal. Will try to get to 45K by Sunday night. Not sure if that is doable, but we’ll see. Tomorrow I’m going on a hike, lolololol. It’s allegedly short and easy. Tonight I went to Target for a small backpack to carry essential things like a Clif bar, water, car keys, etc. Did not want a giant pack that could house a baby elephant. The only small one they had was hot pink for a little girl. So I got that. Plus a hat and ear-warmer headband. I’m sure I will freeze to death anyway or get bitten by a rattlesnake or fall into a ravine. But whatev.

In honor of my hike, I’m offering A Taste of Sugar for free this weekend! Woo!

If you would please poast a review for A Taste of Sugar or any Paula Light/Anna Fondant books you have read, that would be awesome. Thanks!

NAH-NO Day 19: Pot

Dayam. I fell way back yesterday ~ had been very busy at work Monday and Tuesday and just did not have any words left last night. I crashed at like 9:30PM. So sad to see my stats fall after being so good all month. No green lights. :(

But tonight I cranked out over 2000 words and am all greenlighted again!

Now, let me tell you about the pot. Don’t get excited ~ I’m talking about a pot, the kind you heat soup in. Tonight I thought, OK, before I write I will have some nice hot soup cuz I am cold. I reached into the cabinet for my pot, as you do, only to find one pot stuck inside another one (I have two about the same size). How the hell did this happen?

Honestly I think the pots were having sex in the dark cabinet because I haven’t cooked anything in them for so long. And, um, they got stuck. No seriously. I couldn’t pry them apart. Isn’t there a name for this condition? Anyway, my newer pot is actually the cheaper, crappier one, so I figured it would be the one to sacrifice, and indeed it started warping out of shape as I ¬†yanked on the handle.

Always cognizant of how easily and stupidly I hurt myself, I got out a long two-pronged fork of destruction to help me. The fork was bending, but not actually accomplishing anything. Then BAM! The handle of the good pot broke.


See? This kind of completely bizarre and ridiculous thing only ever happens to me. Idk what to do. I guess I will throw both pots out and buy a new medium pot at Target.

Oh, I heated my soup in a little pot. That was fine. Soup was good.

This pot sitch though. Weeeeeird.

NAH-NO Day 16: Lurve

Specifically this poast from May 17, 2014: A Lurve Letter.

It’s received a shit ton of views. At first I was all, wow, people really like what I have to say. Awesomeness. But most of the views are from foreign countries. So, I investigated further and turns out that it’s the bird peeps are interested in, the Angry Bird.

Note how I am relentlessly exploiting this. Expect moar of same in future. :)

Regarding writing. I was significantly ahead of the NaNo game but am now just treading water, pleased when my bar greenlights for the day and I get November 30th as the predicted finish date. I still am having fun writing the fantasy story and only hope it sells decently when I put it on KDP. I’ve flatlined on romance novel sales and everything else I have up currently.

I think the complete book, which will be two stories, is going to have a much higher wordcount than 50K. I’m almost at 27K on the first story and have quite a bit left before we transition to part 2.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Grumpy Cat

NAH-NO Day 13: TBT


It was 10 years ago this month that I became rekittehfied. Cocoa the Cat decided she disliked living across the street with 3 otter kittehs, where a kind neighbor had taken her in seeing she was homeless, and strolled in one day announcing she’d be with us now. K. Cocoa was a sweetheart, with an edge, and we had many happy years with her. Unfortunately she was an older kitteh with arthritis that progressed to the point in 2010 where she couldn’t walk, and we said a peaceful goodbye to her at that point. [happyface/sadface]

I felt that Cocoa came along when I needed her, right before I had an operation. And I feel the same about Gatsby, though Sharon and I went and found him. I would really be a wreck if he hadn’t been my little buddy these past 3 years.

Regarding NAH-NO: I had a barely write anything day on Tuesday, but made up for it last night, yet this morning I am low again (damned relentless math). Not sure how much I can do today cuz it is Scrabble night. When I began this month, I was pretty sure my story would fall apart, yet it’s still going strong, following the plan (more or less), and I have a good feeling about the next section. Maybe it helped I made so many notes beforehand? Last year I was sure my mystery idea would work (cuz it was all in my head, yo!), but it was a big fail.

Actual notes > mental notes.

NAH-NO Day 8: Math

So, I’m at 13K and change. Last night I was all stoked because my wordcount bar was greenlighted (meaning I was at or over the number of words per day needed to get to 50K by November 30) and my graph bar thinger was over “the line.” But this morning I’m only at the line. It reminds me of counting calories and how when you’re not paying attention you can easily eat way more than the desired number. With NaNo, when you’re not paying attention you can easily fall under the bar so quickly and so fatally. Complacency lasts through one sleep.

(And I’d really like to hit the 50K on November 25 before my trip up north.)

It’s also the same with money and going over budget. So easy to do. So hard (sometimes) to recover from.

I am happy with my story; dunno if anyone else will find it interesting. We shall see. Onward!


NAH-NO Day 6: 10K

So I hit 10K last night, surprising myself. It’s not that I haven’t finished/won a NaNo (not that this is one) before, but that this story is so goddamn weird. I try not to write “weird things” in November because past experience shows that the standard vanilla HEA romance novel is what I can write quickly. Other stuff… not so much.

But so far, so good, eh? I’m in the mind of this 22 year old confused guy who is dealing with a profound life change. I hope I get the “guy stuff” right, but I’m not researching or anything like that. I don’t research when I write, or not much. For one book, I did look up the history of tsunamis, because that was important and it had to be correct. (And that book is still languishing.) Mostly though I just make shit up.

One thing I’m a bit concerned about is that I’m 10K in and I haven’t revealed that there is magic going on. I’ve been doing the set-up, getting deep into the mind and emotional landscape of my hero, so that it actually makes sense how he changes direction and abandons his previous path. But it’s first-person, so there’s no way to switch out to another POV. I have to write what he experiences and feels and processes, so that’s what I’m doing. He had one encounter with the magical being so far, but that wasn’t enough to give him even a hint of what’s really going on. Now he’s about to have a second encounter, where some of the supernatural will come out. In between the encounters, I felt it important to show the hero going about his “normal life” so we could get a good sense of him.

In my feed are all these articles on dating advice. I don’t know why I followed so many of these blogs, but the writing is really annoying. Not because I know better, since obviously I don’t, but because the writing is so fucking cheerful and cliched it makes me go RAWR. Mostly I care only about the writing from my peeps. Generally I read everything they say (unless it’s some ungodly boring thing about rooting a phone or somesuch) and am pleased they’ve shared another bit of themselves. Is this a sign of elderlyhood, that I find it difficult to care about new people? Some of youze I’ve “known” for 15 years now. That’s amazing.

NAH-NO Day 3: Tea

OK, so I did not make my target wordcount of 5K this weekend, which was completely silly because I deffo had the time. But I’m at 4510 right now and that’s respectable. If I were doing NaNo, that is, which I am not.

My dizzies came back a little last week, but I’m used to them now. I was all, oh hey there dizzies… long time, no spin. I waited to see if a sinus/ear infection would come along, but I seem to be all right. Dizziness is never fun… makes me naus and tired. So, yesterday I mostly rested and thought about writing, but didn’t do much.

It’s cold again. I mean, it’s nice outside, but freezing in my apt. I don’t really understand that, but wev. Looks like I’m done drinking cold things for the next 6 months and back to a gazillion cups of hot tea per day. I’ve been drinking tea since forever, but I just learned something new from Facebook, of all ridic places. You aren’t supposed to squeeze the teabag as you’re taking it out of the cup. Wha? Nope. No squeezy. Because that releases tannins which make your tea slightly bitter. This must be why I get naus if I drink black tea sans milk. (I don’t think it matters if you squeeze an herbal teabag.) So, this weekend I quit squeezing and my tea is much tastier and smoother.


[Pls forgive glam bedhead hairz.]


NAH-NO Day 2: Annoying Thing Is Annoying ~ UPDATED

Update. Gah, I was so annoyed by the annoying things that I titled this poast Day 2, when it’s still Day 1, and now I can’t change it because the permalink will be upfucked. (I can’t bear changing the title without changing the permalink because reasons.) I would C&P the text into a brand new poast and delete this one except the wrong one would still be in emails and readers (like the 3 I apparently did poast for the real Day 1 while I was freaking out about the date/time stamp). My whole life is unbalanced, asymmetrical, and ruined. Must go alphabetize my socks now, kbai.

So yesterday I wrote a draft poast about how I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year, but, coincidentally, will be doing NAH-NO. Then I scheduled this poast to publish a little after midnight on November 1.

Got home from movie (Gone Girl = great) to find that poast didn’t publish. I realized that the time zone in WordPress is all upfucked now. I went to Google to translate my time into UTC and it said 7:02. But that didn’t work. I started a new poast just to see what time WordPress thought it would be, and at 12:15AM here, WP still thought it was 11PM on 10/31. I deleted all my history and reset my puter clock to start over. C&P’d my poast into a new one and had it publish immediately. It was still stamped 10/31/14!

Finally I made a poast that worked around 1:00AM. What a pain in the ass. WP used to have a timestamp that made sense, so I blame their “new and improved” interface for this clustersuck. Which I hate for other reasons, such as making it difficult to find your own dashboard of stuffs. You have to go to WP and sign in. Then you’re at your reader. You next click on “My Sites” and are flung onto this bizarro page of your blog/s in square boxes. Then you have to click into the gear thinger in the top right corner of the blog you want to get a link to your Admin Dashboard.


Shouldn’t the Admin Dashboard be the default? Isn’t that what most bloggers want to see when they first log into their WP account? Dumbest thing evah.

Just as a lark, I’ll probably try to write 5K words this weekend. For NAH-NO, not the other thing I’m not doing.

Don’t forget that Bettina’s Bonus is on promo this weekend! :)

PS: It could be that the entire timestamp problem is my old weird laptop that has to be continually reset, but whatever. The WP revamp is still annoying!

NAH-NO Day 1: Free Book!

As y’all know, I am not participating in NaNoWriMo this year because reasons. Unfortunately, however, a book wrote itself inside my head this week and I made notes on it. This story demands attention and, by amazing coincidence, insists I begin writing it today. Since the NaNo site already has a convenient wordcount thinger, I might as well use it, even though, as I said, I’m not doing NaNo. To avoid confuzzlement, I will call my November writing experience NAH-NO. As in, nah, no, I’m not doing it. This way if I decide to abandon my new book, it won’t be a NaNo fail. K?

If you wanna friend me on NaNo, that’s cool. Just remember I am doing NAH-NO, not NaNo. Thx.

To celebrate my non-participation in NaNo, Anna is offering Bettina’s Bonus for free this weekend! Yay! Anna wrote BB during a past NaNo, so that only makes sense. Please get yours and WRITE A REVIEW, thank you. Also, if you enjoy BB, grab some other Anna stories for your Kindle ~ they’re all free for peeps in the Kindle Unlimited program. (And you don’t actually need a Kindle ~ Amazon haz a PC reader available for free download.) If you’re not in KU, the stories are pretty cheap in any case. :)

BTW, any reviews of Paula and/or Anna stories will be greatly appreciated and get you some tasty karmic vibes from moi.